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Us age How to use

You need to become a member to use There are two types of members, "general lovers" and "Nishikigoi Dealer", and both of them are free for registration.

About Nishikigoi event

At we have plans to introduce mainly our popular and recommended Nishikigoi by using moving images and to offer lot drawings or auctions.
We will inform you through What's New or e-mail magazine for members as soon as setting the date and time for the event.
The date and time for the event are all displayed in Japan Time. Please consider the time difference depending on the countries where you look at the website.
Nishikigoi events are available only for members to browse. You need to complete membership registration to purchase or see moving images of Nishikigoi.
For members, please join the events after login.
The transaction of Nishikigoi you purchase is made through the trader as well as general Nishikigoi.
For more information about delivery and payment of Nishikigoi you get from lot drawings or auctions, "you will be informed by Nishikigoi Dealer."
For more information about Nishikigoi Dealer, you will be informed through a transaction system in management screen specialized for Nishikigoi Dealer.

Moving images event

You can add your favorite Nishikigoi to a shopping cart watching moving images of them. The Nisikigoi is unique and there is no other same Nisikigoi. Therefore once someone else adds it to a shopping cart, others cannot purchase it any more. Your favorite Nisikigoi won't always be left.

About lot drawings

This event is to offer popular Nishikigoi through lot drawings. As the offer price is fixed in advance and not changed, the order subtotal won't be changed due to the result of lot drawings. Expensive Nishikigoi might be available for a song.

About auctions

This event is to offer Nishikigoi through auctions. As funds permit Nishikigoi might be available for a song depending on the case. In case you bid at the last minute before auction ends, the bid time will be automatically extended for 10 minutes.