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Us age How to use

You need to become a member to use There are two types of members, "general lovers" and "Nishikigoi Dealer", and both of them are free for registration.

For general lovers

Anyone can become a member only by taking the free membership registration procedure.

Steps to register as general lovers

1. Please fill in the necessary items on the general lovers registration form to click "Next".

2. The confirmation screen is displayed to check your entries. Click "Interim Registration" to carry forward your registration procedure.

3. Please check your registration items when you receive an e-mail to your e-mail address entered at membership registration. You are supposed to receive a guidance mail about interim registration within two or three hours. In case you don't receive it even after certain hours, either the e-mail address entered at membership registration might be wrong or the e-mail we sent might be misclassified as spam. Take the same registration procedure again to receive the guidance mail. Please contact for any further problems.
Please complete your registration procedure within a week since your last interim registration from the registration form. You need to start from the beginning for interim registration after a week since all the entered items will be deleted.

4. You will receive the guidance mail with an address to complete registration, which is sent from Go to the website through the address given on the guidance mail to click "Apply" to complete your registration.
a Apply for registration as general lovers now

About purchase of Nishikigoi

Nishikigoi for general and free papers are available for anyone to purchase after registration as general lovers.
Add your favorite Nishikigoi to a shopping cart to carry forward the purchase procedures.
For more information about delivery and payment of your Nishikigoi purchase, "you will be informed by Nishikigoi Dealer."
In case you are in a hurry or have any questions about purchase, contact the Nishikigoi Dealer selected at the purchase procedure.
Nishikigoi for Dealer are not available for general lovers to purchase.
Please contact the Nishikigoi Dealer directly for purchase.

About purchase of breeding equipments

Breeding equipments are not available for retail sales at For general lovers, please contact the Nishikigoi Dealer directly to purchase of breeding equipments.