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Murata Nishikigoi

Murata Nishikigoi
Breeders NameMurata Nishikigoi
Artist NameShinji MURATA
Address810, Hitoichi, Uonuma-shi, Nigata 946-0062
VarietyGosanke (Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, Showa Sanshoku)
We breed the fish with being focusing on Kohaku and what we are pursuing is the koi which has great balance of pattern, quality, and body shape. Parent koi are Kohaku in over 1 Meter in size for female, on the other hand, male to be coupled with is the fish which won Kokugyo prize at 39th All Japan Koi Show. Our Kohaku has unique but artistic pattern in particular. As for myself, I am convinced that I love nishikigoi better than anybody else. We are hoping that the my passion and love toward Nishikigoi reflect to the Koi we breed in good manner.