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Koi No Minuma

Koi No Minuma
Breeders NameKoi No Minuma
Artist NameKenichi WADA
Address666-1, Dai, Shobumachi, Minamisaitama-gun, Saitama 346-0103
VarietyGoshiki, Ginrin Goshiki, Showa Sanshoku, Ginrin Kohaku
We are focusing on breeding Goshiki. We are trying our best to breed unique Koi with originality which remains fascinating with people who keep this Koi for a long time. Our Goshiki is bred by coupling Sakai Female with Hosokai Male originally and after studying one after another with pursuing quality of vivid and bright Beni which seems as if coming to surface. This makes our fish separate from others showing beautiful contrast of Beni and Sumi. In recent years, weare working on breeding Ginrin Goshiki as well and we manage to breed the good ones which live up to your expectation.