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Matsue Nishikigoi Center

Matsue Nishikigoi Center
Breeders NameMatsue Nishikigoi Center
Artist NameTakahiro IITSUKA
Address835-1, Izumogo, Higashiizumocho, Yatsuka-gun, shimane 699-0108
VarietyGosanke(Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, Showa Sanshoku) Doitsu Sanshoku
We mainly breed Kohaku from the bloodline of Niigata Sensuke. What we are trying and working is to breed the Koi in such way that it still remains young and fresh even though it fully grow up, at the same time late-bloomer which gets depth and tastefulness as the years go by. This year, the parent "HARUKA / Spring Flower"??"HIMAWARI / Sun flower" did the great job. Especially we managed to harvest five times as much baby fish from Himawari as usual years. We keep working hard in the hope that we can hear from the Hobbyist saying "after keeping Koi from many breeders, we realize that the Koi from Matsue stand out best". This year, we start harvesting from 10th of October, pulling out mainly 2 year fish.