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Isa Koi Farm

Isa Koi Farm
Breeders NameIsa Koi Farm
Artist NameMitsunori ISA
Address491, Hiu, Ojiya-shi, Nigata, 947-0003
VarietyGosanke(Showa Sanshoku, Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku)
Our main is Showa Sanshiki, and we also breed Taisho Sanshoku and Kouhaku. We work hard all the time to deliver Koi that would become better and better in their beauty and attractiveness day after day, with nothing to say about their good health and big size. All of this - to let the Koi-lovers enjoy our Koi for a long time. We hope that our fish will some day sparkle brightly on an All-Japan Contest, so we do our best to breed Koi that give good blood to next generations and that will meet all the Koi-lovers' expectations. We look forward to work with you.