Dainichi Koi Farm Grand Champion Memorial Super Ikeage Auction

  • 10/21 10:00 START
Notes of Bidding
  • You need No.1 koi Sales dealers' permission beforehand to bid at the auction. Please contact the nearest dealer.
  • Bedids the highest bid price, you need a handling charge, postage, customs duty, etc.
    There is a big differences depending on the size of koi,the price,the country that you import. For more information, Please contact the nearest dealer.
  • The nickname that we use at the auction is same as the one you enter on the information of the membership.
    You could change the nickname from [ My Page ].
  • Be sure to pay the amount of money including a handing charge etc. to the dealer within 10 days after making a successful bid.

TEL : +81-90-7311-1151