Dainichi Koi Farm Grand Champion Memorial Super Ikeage Auction

  • 10/21 10:00 START
[About Keeping Koi in Japan]
Basically, we are not able to keep Koi in Japan a long term that are not indicated as "Including Keeping Charges ", "Possible to Keep in Japan for 50,000yen", "For Koi Show in Japan" etc. in the description of the Koi for the auction.

If you need long-term (more than 2 months) keeping in Japan due to circumstances beyond your control, please email or call us before bidding.
In this case, we cannot guarantee compensation for death.

We will refund the whole amount when Koi sold as female was found out to be male.
Notes of Bidding
  • You need No.1 koi Sales dealers' permission beforehand to bid at the auction. Please contact the nearest dealer.
  • Bedids the highest bid price, you need a handling charge, postage, customs duty, etc.
    There is a big differences depending on the size of koi,the price,the country that you import. For more information, Please contact the nearest dealer.
  • The nickname that we use at the auction is same as the one you enter on the information of the membership.
    You could change the nickname from [ My Page ].
  • Be sure to pay the amount of money including a handing charge etc. to the dealer within 10 days after making a successful bid.

TEL : +81-90-7311-1151